• Accuracy: ±4% of Full Scale
  • Shock and Corrosion Proof
  • Maximum Pressure 145 PSIG
  • All Plastic Wetted Parts for Excellent Resistance to Acids and Alkaline Solutions
  • Compact Design


The KSK plastic flowmeters/ flow switches operate on the basis of the well known variable area principle. The medium flows upward through a conically widening plastic measuring tube. The float is lifted by the flowing medium and indicates the instantaneous flow rate on the scale attached to the flowmeter. The KSK series is all plastic with bodies made of nylon Polysulfone or PVDF to handle aggressive media.

For the control of flow setpoints, a bistable switch can be provided for the instrument. Reed contacts or transistor switches are available and can be used to monitor and alarm on an upset flow condition. The transistor switch has an LED on the contact housing to indicate switching status.

Measuring Scales

Measuring scales are available for water and air. Compressed air scales are available in SCFM, calibrated for direct readings at operating pressures from zero to 145 PSIG. The compressed air scale table shows the available ranges and calibration pressures for each meter size.

Transistor Switch

KSK - Plastic Flowmeter and Switch



Accuracy: ±4% full scale
Flow Media: air or water and other liquids
Mounting: vertical, flow up
Max. Media Temperature:
PVDF: 250°F
Trogamid: 140°F
Polysulfone: 140°F w/ PVC Fittings 180°F w/ Polypro, brass & SS fittings
Max. Pressure: 145 PSIG
Measuring Tube: Polysulfone, Trogamid-T or PVDF
Float: PVDF
O-Rings: EPDM
Connection with Capnut: per ordering code
Switch Specifications
NPN Transistor: Hall-Sensor, bistable NPN open collector
Operating Voltage: 9-24 VDC
Operating Current: Max.100 mA
Ambient Temp: 130°F max.
Hysteresis: <0.24
Output Signal: LED lights w/ flow above setpoint
Reed Switch: SPST N/O or N/C based on order code
Electrical Ratings: Max. 130 VAC 10 W / 10 VA, 0.5A
Ambient Temp: Max. 130°F
Protection: NEMA 4X/IP65



Compressed Air Scale Ranges @ Specified Outlet Pressure (NOTE: Air units available only with Polysulfone (KSK-2...) measuring tube)

KSK - Plastic Flowmeter and Switch

Order Numbers for Standard Types


 KSK - Plastic Flowmeter and Switch


KSK - Plastic Flowmeter and Switch

KSK - Plastic Flowmeter and Switch