Paddle Wheel Flow Rate Indicator & Totalizer (Series SP/R and SP/T)


  • Cost Effective
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Standard with Battery Powered Digital Display
  • Display Rotates for vertical or horizontal mounting
  • 5 to 7 year Battery Life
  • Operates in any flow direction
  • Easy to remove sensor for cleaning
  • Available in 2 Styles Saddle mount or Inline
  • Connection Sizes from 1/2 inch up to 8 inches
  • Connection Types: NPT, Flanged, Union, and Plain Ended
  • Full Scale Flow Ranges from: 15 to 3200 GPM
  • Optional Pulse Output
  • Simple and User Friendly


This microprocessor based flow meter utilizes an 8 digit liquid crystal display (LCD). Isolated monitoring locations are also viable as power is supplied by a five to seven year long-life battery. The paddle wheel, spinning at a rate linearly proportional to the velocity of the flow, activates a switch once per revolution. The time it takes the paddle to rotate, divided into the diameter of the pipe, results in the flow rate. Flow rate variations from turbulence are minimized by a microprocessor averaging process. The user can choose to display the flow rate, the accumulated flow or alternate between the rate and totalized flow. To retain the totalizer value, the reset button can be deactivated.



Paddle Wheel Flow Rate Indicator & Totalizer



Paddle Wheel Flow Rate Indicator & Totalizer