KPH8000 - Compact Pressure Switch


  • Rugged Compact Design
  • Long Cycle Life
  • Ranges:Vacuum to 6100 PSIG
  • Suitable for Pneumatic or HydraulicApplications
  • Easily Adjusted Setpoint
  • Plug-in Connector Standard


The KPH pressure switch is ahighly reliable, small footprint pressureswitch ideal for OEM installations. Its longcycle life and rugged mechanical designare your assurance that it will provide your customer with reliable service duringthe life of your product.

The 8000 and 8200 series are usable withair, gas, lubricating oil, light fuel, or anyone of many other industrial media. Its single pole double throw (SPDT)switch has mechanical reliability typicallyfound only in reed switches. Unlike reedswitches, however, the KPH is capable of switching AC loads of up tofive amps, at 220 volts.Rugged, compact and reliable ... the perfect switch for your pressure applications.



Range: -14.0 to 6100 PSIG
KPH-8000: Gases or liquids
KPH-8200: Liquids only
Max. Viscosity: 97 cSt (450 SSU)
Repeatability: ±3% of full scale
Sensing Mechanism
KPH-8000: Diaphragm
KPH-8200: Piston
Fittings: 1/4" NPT
Optional: SAE (KPH-8200)
Wetted Parts
KPH-8000: Aluminum, Buna-N
KPH-8200: Aluminum,Buna-N,420-SS,PTFE
Mechanical Data
Switching Rate: 100 Hz max.
Switch Life: 107cycles min.
Vibration: 15g max.
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Electrical Data
Switch Type: SPDT snap-action
Maximum Resistive Loads
AC: 220 V @ 5 A
DC: 120 V @ 0.4 A
Switch Life
100% Load: 5 x 104cycles
50% Load:105cycles
Protection: NEMA 4



KPH8000 - Compact Pressure Switch



KPH8000 - Compact Pressure Switch