• Measuring Range: -30...0" Hg to 0...5800 PSIor -1...0 bar to 0...400 bar
  • Max. Temperature: 176 °F
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% of Full Scale (±1.0% of FullScale for Ranges ≤ 30 PSI)
  • Housing / Fitting Material: Stainless Steel
  • Connection: ¼" NPT, ½" NPT, G ¼, or G ½


The pressure switch, model PDD, is a cost effective, electronic pressure switch with digital indication of actual pressure. One or two switch points, on/off-switch delay, and hysteresis are within the programing parameters. A piezoresistive ceramic sensor is used for high cycle life and the sensors can be used where high switching accuracy is needed. Long term stability, repeatability, and a compact robust design makes the PDD an ideal sensor for use in many OEM applications. Common applications include: compressor monitoring, installations, the machinery industry, and pumps.


Technical Details
Housing: 303 Stainless Steel
Process Connection: ¼" or ½" NPT316 L Stainless SteelOption G ¼ or G ½ Male(Others on Request)
Gasket: FKM (Option: EPDM)
Sensor Element: Piezoresistive Ceramic Cell
Indication: 3-digit LED, Height 7 mm
Resolution: Max. 0.2 PSI (Depending on Measuring Range and Measured Value)
Max. Media Temp.: -4 ... 176 °F
Max. Ambient Temp.: -4 ... 176 °F
Max. Over Pressure: Up to 870 PSI: 3x Range From 1450 PSI: 2x Range 5800 PSI: 1.5x Range
Supply Voltage: 24 VDC ± 20 %
Power Consumption: Approx. 100 mA (without Switching Output)
Electrical Connection: M12x1 Plug
Switching Output: 1x or 2x PNP or NPN Semiconductor, Max. 300 mA, Short-circuit Proof
Contact:N/O or N/C, Programmable
Switch Point Adj.: Programmable via 2 Buttons
Output Indicator: 1 LED
Hysteresis: Adjustable via 2 Buttons
ON/OFF-switch. Delay: 0.5 ... 99.5 s (Separately Adjustable)
Response Time: 0.5 s
Accuracy: ± 0.5 % of f. s. (± 1.0 % of f. s. for Measuring Range: ≤ 30 PSI)
Protection: IP 65


PDD - Digital Pressure Switch



PDD - Digital Pressure Switch