NWP - Plastic Vibrating Fork Level Switches


  • All Plastic Construction
  • Tolerates Foaming, Turbulence and Coatings
  • Reliable Solid State Design
  • No Wear Components
  • NEMA 6 rating


NWP level switch works on the vibrating fork principle. The tuning fork vibrates at a frequency of 400 Hz in air. When the fork becomes immersed in liquid or slurry, the vibration ceases. This cessation is detected by the electronics which activate a transistor switch or SPST relay.

The robust vibrating fork technology provides a reliable switch for a multitude of tough applications and is suitable for use with foaming, turbulent and some coating media. The all solid state design affords the user the ultimate in reliability. A chemically resistant all-plastic design makes it ideal for use with many aggressive liquids.

Should your application require a higher power switching capability, a 10 amp relay output is available through use of the RL- 5900 series power supply/relay module.



Accuracy: ± 1 mm in water
Repeatability: ±0.5 mm in water
Frequency: 400 Hz.
Fitting Size: 3/4” NPT
Wetted Parts: Polypropylene, Ryton®
Housing: Polypropylene
Temp. Range: –40° F to 194° F
Pressure Range: 150 PSIG @ 25°C derated at 1.667 PSI/°C
Electrical Ratings
Protection: NEMA 6/ IP68
Cable: 8 ft PVC jacketed
Power Supply: 12-36 VDC
Switch Type:
NWP-1401: FET transistor, sinking, max.36 VDC 100 mA
NWP-1405: SPST Relay, 60VAC/VDC @ 1 AMP max.



NWP - Plastic Vibrating Fork Level Switches