NQ - Level Switch


  • 2 Wire Interface
  • SS Sensor
  • No Moving Parts
  • Position Independent
  • Visible Switch Condition
  • User Selectable Switch Logic
  • Good to 270 °F
  • NEMA 4X


NQ is a compact, ultrasonic level switch which activates when immersed in liquid. Its short intrusion length (1.42”) makes it the right choice for applications in which container size is limited.

The NQ may be installed either as two or three wire controller. Voltages ranging from 24 to 240 VAC/VDC, 50/60 Hz may be controlled in the two wire configuration. Glass fibre reinforced nylon and 316 SS construction (in a NEMA 4X housing, of course!) make the NQ a tough performer in industrial applications. Extended probe lengths are available.



Power Requirements
Two-wire: 24 to 240VAC/ VDC, 50/60 Hz
Three-wire: 24VDC,50/60 Hz
Electrical Characteristics
2-wire Hook-up Solid State
Supply/Switch: 24–240 VDC/VAC
ON Current: 500 mA max.
OFF Current: 2–7.5 mA
3-wire Hook-up Solid State
Supply: 24 VDC
Signal: 18 VDC
Voltage Drop: 4.5 V @ 500 mA 10 V @ 7.5 mA
Leakage Current: 2 mA (switch off)
Protection: NEMA 4X/IP65
Switching Delays
Wet to Dry: 500 ms
Dry to Wet: 50 ms
Operation Conditions
Maximum Liquid Temperature: -40°F to +270°F
Maximum Ambient Temperature: +160°F with 210°F Fluid
+120°F with 270°F Fluid
Maximum Operating Pressure: 1000 PSIG @ - 40°F to 120°F
760 PSIG @ -40°F to 270°F
Weight: 0.95 lbs.



NQ - Level Switch



NQ - Level Switch