NEK - Compact Conductive Level Switches


  • Compact Design
  • No Moving Parts
  • Excellent For Dirty, Low Viscosity or Aggressive Liquids
  • Transistor Switch or Relay Outputs Available
  • Ryton or Polypropylene Bodies


The NEK series compact conductive level switch is an excellent choice for monitoring the level of conductive liquids in tanks. The NEK series conductive level switch senses liquid level by applying a low AC voltage to a set of stainless steel electrodes. When a conductive liquid is present a small current will flow between the electrodes, resulting in switch activation.

The NEK compact level switch is available with either a Ryton or polypropylene body with 316-Ti stainless steel electrodes standard. This makes the NEK suitable for many chemicals and aggressive media. The solid state design has no moving parts so the NEK is also a sure bet for dirty liquids as well as those with high solids content.



Wetted Materials:
Housing: Ryton or polypropylene
Electrodes: 316-Ti SS
Maximum Pressure:
Ryton: 290 PSIG
Polypropylene: 85 PSIG
Temperature Range:
Ryton: -10 to 176°F
Polypropylene: -10 to 140°F
Minimum Liquid Conductivity: 28 μS/cm
Switching Delay: 0.5 sec
Power Requirements: 18-32 VDC
Switch Characteristics
Open Collector: Normally open
(dry), PNP or NPN depending on model number, 30 VDC, 100 mA, short circuit protected
SPDT Relay: 1 Amp max.@ 24 VDC
Electrical Protection: NEMA 6/IP67



NEK - Compact Conductive Level Switches



NEK - Compact Conductive Level Switches