The DOR series insertion paddle wheel flow sensor is a very cost effective means of accurately measuring the flow of water or water-like liquids in large pipes. The sensor is inserted into the process piping via a threadolet or half nipple fitting. Liquid flow through the pipe results in rotation of the affixed paddle wheel. The rotational speed of the paddle is proportional to the flow velocity, and therefore, proportional to the flowrate in the pipe. The insertion type design provides a measuring technique that is much less expensive than full bore flowmeters, especially in larger pipe sizes. Insertion paddle wheel sensors are a robust measuring technology that boasts exceptional tolerance to dirt and solids. The DOR series features an all 316 L stainless steel body.

The rotor is made of PVDF or PEEK, with a long-life, graphite/ PTFE self-lubricating bearing. The DOR has an integral, precision insertion mechanism that allows the installer to insert the rotor to the precise depth in the pipe for optimal readings. Outputs include NPN open collector frequency, and/or reed contact frequency or millivolt frequency. Optional indicators include battery powered totalizers, loop powered ratemeter/totalizers and batch controllers.



  • No Moving Parts
  • Switching Range 0.15 to 6.6 Ft/Sec.
  • Max. Pressure 580 PSIG
  • Max. Operating Temperature 210°F
  • Clean-In-Place to 250°F
  • ¼ or ½ NPT or BSP connection
  • PNP Normally Open or Normally closed
  • LCD Trend Indication
  • Adjustable Set Point
  • Small Footprint (less than 2” diameter


  • Easy to Install
  • Light weight – Compact Design
  • No Moving Parts
  • Fast Responding

Applications include:

  • Air Ducts
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Blower and Fan Proving
  • Compressed Air Monitor
  • Filter condition monitoring

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