The DPM series flow sensor uses the pelton wheel principle to measure the flows of water and low viscosity liquids. Liquid passes through a nozzle at the inlet of the flow body and is precisely directed onto a flat blade pelton turbine. The turbine wheel rotates at a speed which is proportional to flow rate.

The movement of the pelton wheel is detected optically. The signal from the optical sensor is processed as an amplified pulse or 4-20 mA signal which are proportional to flow rate. In addition to the compact design, the inlet flow is redirected via a nozzle, therefore no inlet or outlet straight piping is required and the sensor can be mounted in any orientation. These features make the DPM ideal for mounting in locations where space is tight.


MIK Compact Magneto-Inductive Flowmeter


  • Flow Ranges from 0.18–7.8 GPH through 9-180 GPM
  • Accuracy: ±2 % of full scale
  • pmax: 145 psi; tmax: 176 °F
  • Connection: G½...G 2¾ male native with optional NPT, socket, and hose connections
  • Materials: PPS body with stainless steel    electrodes; PVDF body with Hastelloy or    Tantalum electrodes
  • Electronic packages: Frequency or current   outputs, adjustable switches, and integral   totalizers or batch controllers
  • Highlights: no moving parts in the flow body, low pressure loss, universal mounting, high quality at a low price


  • Easy to Install
  • Light weight – Compact Design
  • No Moving Parts
  • Fast Responding

Applications include:

  • Air Ducts
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Blower and Fan Proving
  • Compressed Air Monitor
  • Filter condition monitoring

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