The 3000 series of Air Flow Switches and Air Flow Transmitters provide the simplest, most reliable means of detecting air flow in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Unlike mechanical flow switches or sail switches, the vent-captor series does not rely on moving parts.

The sensor will not be damaged by excessive air flow as often occurs with mechanical switches. It can also detect much lower flow than any mechanical device

  • AC or DC versions are available.
  • Flow Switch outputs PNP or NPN
  • Flow Transmitter outputs 4-20 MA
  • No moving parts means no wear, no sticking, no broken paddles, no maintenance, and years of dependable performance. .


Calorimetric Flow Switches for Water or Oil based Media

  • Flow Trend and Flow Switch set-point display with 8 LED’s
  • Operating Temp up to 250F
  • PNP N.O. or N.C. output or optional Dry Contact output
  • 24VDC or 120VAC power options
  • Explosion Proof and 3A Sanitary options

Pressure Switches and Transmitters with Digital Display

  • Ranges 0-30” Hg Vacuum to 0-5800 PSIG
  • Fully Programmable with Setpoint, Reset Point and Window Capability
  • Accuracy ±0.5% of Full Scale
  • Large Easy to Read LED Display
  • Ceramic Pressure Sensing System for High Cycle Life

Flow Network specializes in flow sensing products for liquid and air flow. We supply only the highest quality, time tested products and support them with many years of flow applications experience. We pride ourselves on understanding the customer’s requirements and specifying the best solution possible, at the most economical price.

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