• ±5% Full Scale Accuracy
  • Viscosity Compensation upto Δv=540 cSt
  • Density Compensation up toΔp=30 lb/ft3
  • Universal Mounting
  • Direct Reading Scales for Oil
  • Max. Pressure 3600 PSI Brass5000 PSI Stainless Steel
  • Housing Materials in Brassor Stainless Steel
  • 4...20 mA Output and/orDigital Display Options


VKM flowmeters and switches are unique offerings for high viscosity media. Using’s patented viscosity compensation system, the VKM is insensitive to viscosity and density changes during operation. This patented and exceptional technology offers an extremely versatile instrument ready for almost any application imaginable.



Accuracy: ±5% full scale
Flow Media: e.g. clean mineral oil, water and other compatible liquids
Mounting: Universal, without recalibration
Measuring Principle: Float with orifice, spring-loaded
Max. Temperature: 212 °F
Max. Pressure: 3600 PSIG for Brass units
5000 PSIG for SS units
Viscosity-Compensated:Up to Δv=540 cSt with same scale, ±5% additional variation

Density-Compensated:Up to Δp=30 lb/ft3 with same scale, ±5% additional variation

Housing: Nickel-plated Brass or SS 304

Fittings:Nickel-plated Brass or SS 304

Float:Brass or SS 304

Orifi ce:SS 301

Spring:SS 301

Seals:NBR (Brass units), FKM (SS units)

Electr. Switch Housing:Plastic

Magnetic Pointer

Indicator: Nickel-plated Brass, Polycarbonate

Ingress Protection: IP54 for Side Indicator, IP65 for Electrical Contact

Reed Contact:
N/O: AC: 1.5 A, 240 VAC,, 50 VA
DC: 1.0 A, 200 VDC, 50 W
SPDT: AC: 0.8 A, 240 VAC, 30 VA

Compact Electronic Option C34P**
Power Requirement: 24VDC ±20%
Display: 3 digit LED
Output: 4-20 mA, 3-wire, RLoop<500 ohms
Switch: PNP, 300 mA Max.
Electrical Connection: M-12 Micro-DC plug, 4-Pin

Ingress Protection: IP65
**Note: Max flow range indicated is reduced by 10% for all ranges when using model VKM-0xxx series or the optional ..C34P electronic.