DRG - Paddle Flow Sensor


  • Economically Priced
  • OEM Flow Sensor
  • Five Material Combinations
  • Flow Ranges 0.15-3 GPM to 3-37 GPM
  • Frequency, 4-20 mA Transmitters or Compact Electronics with PNP Switch
  • All Plastic Versions Available


The DRG has the winning combination of compact size, low cost and versatility which makes it the perfect product for OEM flow measuring applications. The DRG series is a paddle flow sensor which uses a Hall effect sensor to detect the passing of permanent magnets imbedded in the rotating paddle. The DRG can be supplied with a frequency output, 4-20 mA output or a versatile compact electronics package providing an LED display, 4-20 mA output or programmable setpoint switches. The DRG series is offered in five material combinations. An all plastic version is available which makes the DRG series suitable for use with high purity water and many types of aggressive chemicals.



Accuracy: ±3% of full scale
Frequency: PNP, 25 mA max. 14-28 VDC
Analog: 4-20 mA, 2-wire or 3-wire, 24 VDC power
Elec. Protection: NEMA 4X
Elec. Connection: Micro-DC plug, 4-pin male or DIN 43650 Plug
Sensor Pressure Drop: 14.5 PSI @ 100% rated flow
Compact Electronics (optional)
Programmable Functions: Lockout code, dampening, transmitter span, switch setpoint
Output Types: 4-20 mA, 3-wire flow transmitter and PNP flow switch or 2 PNP switches depending on model code
Switch Type: Adjustable, PNP open collector, 300 mA Max. short circuit protected, programmable as a flow switch or frequency transmitter
Display: LED 3-digit
Electrical Protection: NEMA 4X
Electrical Connection: Micro-DC plug, 5-pin male



DRG - Paddle Flow Sensor

 DRG - Paddle Flow Sensor


DRG Frequency and 4-20 mA
DRG - Paddle Flow Sensor

DRG w/ Compact Electronics

DRG - Paddle Flow Sensor