EDM Electronic Water Meter

EDM Electronic Water Meter


  • Economical PVC Construction
  • Flowrate Indication with Resettable and   Non-Resettable Totalizers
  • Flow Ranges 1-10 GPM through 60-600   GPM/ 3.8-38 LPM through 227-2271   LPM Water
  • Lithium Battery Powered Indicator    Requires no Local Supply Power
  • Excellent Replacement for Mechanical   Totalizers


The EDM series water flowmeter is excellent for accurately totalizing water and other low viscosity liquids. It features an economical PVC body and lithium battery powered LCD display. The display has a resettable batch totalizer and a non-resettable grand totalizer, as well as rate indication. These displays are accessed by a toggle push button on the face. The EDM is factory calibrated for water flow. This calibration is valid for low viscosity liquids up to 10 centistokes viscosity. For higher viscosity liquids, a field calibration mode exists allowing the user to dispense a known volume of liquid in order to calibrate the EDM’s computer for the higher viscosity liquid.The EDM electronic water meter is available in line sizes from 1/2 to 4 inches. Fittings available are PVC socket or NPT threads (150 LB ANSI Flanged connections also available for 3" and 4" units). The EDM series combines economy with a full featured electronics making it an excellent and economical replacement for metal body mechanical water totalizers.

Onboard Display Features

Flowrate indication, one user resettable batch totalizer, one non-resettable grand totalizer, field calibration routine for higher viscosity liquids (100 cPs Max.). 




Available Flow Ranges:  1-10 GPM to 60-600 GPM/ 3.8-38 LPM to 227-2271 LPM water
Allowable Liquids:  Clean non-coating liquids compatible the with wetted parts
Accuracy:  ±3% of reading
Repeatability:  ±0.1% of reading
Max. Pressure:   225 PSIG at 70°F
Oper. Temp. Range:  32 to 140°F
Straight Piping Rqmt:  10 x D upstream, 5 x D downstream

Watted Parts
  Body:  PVC
  Rotor:  PVDF (Kynar®), Acetal (for 3" & 4" units)
  Bearings:  Ceramic,     PEEK (for 3" & 4" units)
  Axle:  Tungsten carbide  SS (for 3" & 4" units)
  Retaining Ring:  316 SS
Display Power Source:  2 x 1.5V lithium batteries
Battery Life:  5 years
Power Saver Feature:  Display blanks when flow ceases for longer than one     minute
Filtration Required:  60 mesh
Pulse Output Option:  Open Collector (NPN)



EDM Electronic Water Meter