EDM - Battery Powered Rate Meter & Totalizer


  • Brass, SS, Aluminum, PVDF, PVC or Nylon Bodies
  • Battery Powered
  • Compact and Portable
  • Ranges: 1-10 GPM to 30–300 GPM
  • Rate and Totaling Displays


The EDM turbine flowmeter measures the low of water and low viscosity liquids ranging from 0.3 GPM to 300 GPM. Its replaceable lithium batteries power an onboard rate meter/totalizer allowing installation in virtually any location, regardless of power availability. Results are displayed on a highly visible LCD readout. Versatile and easy to use, the EDM's modular design allows to offer a variety of electronic modules which further enhance its versatility. Available are options for a remote display, a frequency output, and a 4-20 mA analog transmitting output. Nylon, aluminum, PVDF or stainless steel body construction make the EDM compatible with a wide variety of process media. 

Improved Computer Electronics

The upgraded computer electronics features 1 rate and 2 totalizing displays. Standard measuring units are field switchable GPM or LPM. The ability to store two fi eld calibrations allows the user to freely switch 3 different liquid viscosities with the same flowmeter.



Accuracy (% of Reading)
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  Standard: NPT
  Optional: ISO, flanges Tri-clamp®
Maximum Pressure
  Stainless Steel
  - Threaded: 1500 PSIG
  - Flanged: 285 PSIG
  - Tri-clamp: 450 PSIG
  - Nylon: 150 PSIG
  - Aluminum: 300 PSIG
  - PVDF/PVC: 150 PSIG

Temperature Range (Operating)
  Onboard Display: +14 to +140°F
  Remote Display
    - SS/Aluminum: -40 to +250°F
    - Nylon/PVDF: -20 to 180°F
  Display + Output: +14 to +140°F 

Wetted Materials

  SS Body:  316 SS, Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide, PVDF
  Nylon Body: 
Nylon, Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide, Manganese/zinc, 316 SS
  Aluminum Body: 
Aluminum, 316 SS, Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic,Manganeze/zinc
  PVDF Body: 
PVDF, ceramic, viton

Electrical Ratings
 Onboard Display/Computers
    Input Power: Two 3 VDC lithium batteries
    Battery Life:
 9000 hours
    Protection: NEMA 4
 Option -RD: Remote Display Kit
    Input Power: Self-powered magnetic pickup
    Cable Length: 10 ft supplied, 100 ft maximum



EDM - Battery Powered Rate Meter & Totalizer

EDM - Battery Powered Rate Meter & Totalizer



EDM - Battery Powered Rate Meter & Totalizer