FPS - Insertion Paddle/Bellows Flow Switch for Liquids


  • Switching Ranges: 0.9 ... 4.4 GPM up to 375... 760 GPM water
  • pmax: 435 PSIG, tmax: 250°F
  • Process Connection: 1" NPT
  • Material: Brass or StainlessSteel
  • Micro Switch: 250 V, 15 (8) A
  • Universal Mounting Position
  • Switching Range Adjustable via Easily Accessible Range Screw


The FPS flow switch operates according to the proven paddle bellows principle. The flowing media acts upon the paddle, actuating a micro switch. The switching point may be freely adjusted and the device mated to different nominal pipe sizes by means of both the replaceable paddle and the easily accessible range screw located within the housing. The electrical switching cavity is separated hermetically from the process fluid by means of a bellows. The FPS-6000P version of the flow switch has been specially designed to accommodate lower switching values than standard. Although horizontal flow orientation is preferred, the devices may be installed in any orientation with some additional variation to the switching ranges indicated in the order details section seen below.

FPS - Insertion Paddle/Bellows Flow Switch for Liquids


FPS - Insertion Paddle/Bellows Flow Switch for Liquids


Technical Details  
Brass Design: Bellows: MS 58 Bronze
Paddle: stainless steel 316L
Stainless Steel Design: Bellows: stainless steel 321
Paddle: stainless steel 316L
Max. Media Temperature: -40 ... 250°F
Max. Ambient Temp: -30 ... 150°F
Max. Allowed Pressure: Brass 160 PSIG
Stainless Steel 435 PSIG
Max. Pressure Loss: Approx. 0.15 ... 0.44 PSIG
Process Connection: 1" NPT male
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Section: 5 times nominal pipe size


Electrical Details  
Switch: SPDT contact
Switching Voltage: Max. 24 ... 250 VAC
Switching Current: Max. 8 A (inductive load)
Max. 15 A (resistive load)
Electrical Connection: Cable gland
Case: Base: ABS,
Cover: PC (transparent)
Protection Type: IP 65

Electrical Connection

RED-WHITE opens with reduction in flow
RED-BLUE closes with reduction in flow


  • Monitoring cooling circuits, lubricant circuits
  • Dry running protection for pumps