Flow Switch with Analog Display (Type 4120.81 MS 141)


  • Precise metering flow monitor for water or oil-based solutions up to 100 bar
  • High accuracy under high or low flow conditions
  • Adjustable measuring range from 0.2m/sec to 3m/sec
  • Adjustable set-point from 10% to 90% of the selected measuring range
  • Analog display of actual flow rate
  • Blinking LED for set-point adjustment
  • LED display for output status


The flow-captor 4120-.81 M is the most rugged version of the famous 412-.- series,also called “The yellow tennis-ball”.The unique features of this flow-captor are:It is a flow meter and an adjustable flow switch at the same time. These features make this flow-captor an ideal device for flow-monitoring where maintaining a certain flowrate is vital, no matter whether it is a very low or a very high flow rate. No matter what the media is, the accuracy remains the same under all operating conditions.The rugged stainless steel housing of this flow-captor allows for installation under the harshest industrial or environmental conditions.



 Flow Switch with Analog Display (Type 4120.81 MS 141)