Vacuum Furnace TDD/KAL-D

Vacuum Furnace TDD/KAL-D

The Industry: Processing of Metals and Special Alloys

The Application: Cooling circuits for the vacuum Casting and Melting systems

The Problem: Customer needed reliable flow and temperature switching in a compact design

The Solution: The TDD and KAL-D sensors


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KAL-D Flow Switch
TDD - Digital Temperature Sensor

KAL-D Flow SwitchThe KAL-D series combines the features of our legendary KAL-K thermal flow switch with a compact size. The KAL-D uses the calorimetric principle to monitor the flowrate of non-viscous water-based liquids. The sensor tip is heated to a few degrees above the liquid temperature. As the liquid flows across the tip, it is cooled by the liquid.

TDD - Digital Temperature Sensor The TDD series digital temperature switch integrates the latest solid state sensing technology into a very versatile, simple to operate package. Programming features include setpoint, reset point, window mode, dampening, switch logic and user selectable lockout code. The digital semiconductor sensing system and solid state transistor switch ensure an exceptionally long cycle life with virtually no calibration drift. These features along with the compact, robust stainless steel package make the TDD an ideal choice for OEM or industrial applications.