Automatic Liquid-Solid Separator KAL-D

Automatic Liquid-Solid Separator KAL-D

The Industries: Municipal Industrial Commercial

The Application: Fuel System Monitoring

  • General Manufacturing
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Car/Truck Washes
  • Mining and Farming
  • Parts and Tool Washers


  • Completely packaged automatic liquid/solid separator
  • Portable solution to the high cost of conventional process treatment

The Problem: Customer needed a reliable compact flow switch for pump protection

The Solution: The KAL-D thermal flow switch

Why the Customer Picked KAL-D

  • The customer like the stainless steel housing, compact design, and overall look of the KAL-D
  • The customer was happy with the technical support
  • No moving parts – very reliable
  • Start-up company with patient pending design looking at huge sales potential for this process


Related Product

KAL-D Flow Switch

KAL-D Flow SwitchThe KAL-D series combines the features of our legendary KAL-K thermal flow switch with a compact size. The KAL-D uses the calorimetric principle to monitor the flowrate of non-viscous water-based liquids. The sensor tip is heated to a few degrees above the liquid temperature. As the liquid flows across the tip, it is cooled by the liquid.