Fuel Monitoring Systems- PDD Series

Fuel Monitoring Systems - PDD Series

The Customer: manufacturer of shipboard auxiliary systems

The Industry: Ship & Yacht Building

The Application: Fuel System Monitoring

  • The manufacturer makes fuel filtering and monitoring systems for large yachts and small commercial ships (> 100 foot)

The Problem: The customer required a reliable switch with indication to alarm if pressure strays outside a band

The Solution:

  • PDD Series monitors pressure at fuel pump suctions and discharges
  • -30 to 0 inches Hg range at the pump suction
  • 0-350 PSIG at the pump discharge
  • Increase or decrease in pressure can indicate a fuel line blockage

Why the Customer Picked PDD

  • Switch plus indicator allowed the user to visually monitor pressures during operation
  • The PDD “DUO” function allowed the switch to alarm on increase or decrease in pressure
  • We modified the fitting to SAE #4
  • Customer liked the stainless steel housing and larger display over the IFM Effector design
  • 110 PDDs sold to customer.


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