Ready Mix Concrete Trucks - DF

Ready Mix Concrete Trucks - DF

The Industry: Ready-Mix Concrete Trucks

The Application: Concrete truck tracking system using global positioning systems (GPS)

  • The tracking system takes signals from the truck to indicate status of the concrete pour for dispatchers
  • Takes signals to record water and chemical usage automatically

The Problem:

  • Customer needed rugged flowmeter able to withstand steam cleaning of the exterior
  • Needed an integrated cable – no splices

The Solution: DF series rotating vane sensor


Related Product

DF-K - Paddle Wheel Flowmeter with Setpoints

DF-K - Paddle Wheel Flowmeter with SetpointsThe main feature of the DF flow sensor is the incorporation of a multipole magnet ring into the paddlewheel. As the paddlewheel rotates, these magnets, hermetically separated from the fluid medium, induce an DC signal in a Hall sensor mounted on the device housing.