LPS - Air Flow Switch for Ducts


  • Adjustable Switch Point
  • Micro Switch Rated to 15 Amps
  • Vertical or Horizontal Installation


LPS air flow switches are widely used to control flow setpoints in HVAC applications. In addition to being rugged, they have the added benefit of being inexpensive. The principle of operation is quite simple. Air flow exerts a force on a paddle, actuating a dust-tight microswitch. The switching point may be adjusted continuously within a wide range, making the LPS useful for a large variety of applications.

The instrument is factory set to switch at 195 FPM. To handle air velocities of more than 920 FPM, the paddle may be cut at a precalibrated mark. This automatically changes the factory set point to 490 FPM.



Air Temperature:max. 185 °F
Universal. The arrow must point in flow direction.
Vertical installation requires re-adjustment of the
switching point to compensate for paddle weight.

Micro Switch: Dust-proof SPDT
Switching Voltage: 24...250VAC
Switching Current: max. 8A (inductive load)
                              max. 15A (resistive load)

Paddle: 304 SS
Lever: Brass
Housing: ABS, Fiberglass
Mounting Plate: Zinc-plated Steel
Flat Gasket: Flexoid

Protection: IP65 (external)


  • Air ducts in air conditioning systems
  • Air discharge and exhaust gas channels
  • Pneumatic conveyors
  • On filters
  • On cyclones
  • Cooling and drying plants
  • Ventilator/blower performance monitoring


LPS - Air Flow Switch for Ducts



LPS - Air Flow Switch for Ducts