Daf Paddle Wheel-Flow Indicator


  • Brass or SS Construction Available
  • Universal Mountability
  • Passively Activated
  • Compact Design
  • Tmax: 572 °F
  • Pmax: 2900 PSIG


The REG Automatic Flow Regulating Valve regulates the flow automatically within a system. Regardless of pressure fluctuations, the valve keeps the flow permanently constant. Since this state can be maintained within a wide range of pressures, this valve is particularly suitable for networks supplying several users. This is why it is also described as a "balance valve". The valve has no manually operated parts and requires no maintenance once it has been installed. There are no electrical or pneumatic control lines. The valve is self-actuating and requires no additional energy source to operate.


Flow media: Water or compatible water-like liquids
Viscosity: 30 cSt max.
Mounting: Note the indicated direction of flow on valve
Max. Temperature: 572 °F
Max. Operating Pressure: 2900 PSIG
Max. Differential Pressure: 145 PSI